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Photo Above:
FLY KiDS performing at Bergfeld Park.

The goals for FLY Krew are to
Build confidence and self-esteem.
Enhance physical fitness.
Improve performing skills.
Become the most entertaining youth performing group in East Texas.

FLY Krew members need to —
Be from 9 to 16 years old.
Love to perform.
Be respectful and hard working.
Be committed to the program.

About FLY Krew (called FLY KiDS previously)

FLY Krew is a performing dance company hosted by the City of Tyler's Glass Recreation Center. This free program promotes dance as a positive, healthful activity for Tyler-area boys and girls. It's fun and great exercise as the dancers work to become entertaining performers.

The dancers are mentored and taught responsibility, self-discipline, goal setting, and the value of hard work and, in the process, develop confidence and self-esteem while improving their physical fitness.

The director is Kathy Wood, creator, choreographer, and artistic director of the national and international touring FLY Dance Company whose style and choreography has been adapted for FLY Krew. She calls this style "theatrical hip hop."

At every two-hour rehearsal, Kathy emphasizes the importance of being entertaining. She wants BAM! from her dancers — performance impact, stage presence, eye contact, maintaining character, and connecting with the audience.

Rehearsals are open to the public.

FLY Krew members are selected by audition. No former dance experience is necessary.

FLY Krew performs frequently at events such as the ArtWalk downtown, Holiday in the Park, MA's Dance Competition, as well as its own concert-fundraisers at the Glass Recreation Center. Most performances are in Tyler but others are in area cities including Dallas.

FLY Krew is supported by the Tyler community. It is run by Kathy and business manager Mike Wood, under the business name FLYworks, LLC. Support of FLY Krew is the LLC's only function. Kathy and Mike take no salary.

All income, less any required taxes, is applied to the expenses of the program. Thus far, FLY Krew has been funded by individual donations and sponsors. Each year, new donors and sponsors are needed to keep the program free. Interested individuals, businesses, and other organizations can contact Mike Wood with any questions.

We want members of FLY Krew to be positive representatives of the Tyler community and
the most entertaining youth group in East Texas.